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Restaurant of the Week: Alain Ducasse in Monaco

Louis XV at Hotel du Paris, Place du Casino, MC 98 000 Monaco
33 (0) 377 98 06 88 64

Alain DucasseThe name Alain Ducasse has become synonymous with French culinary superiority, and the mighty Ducasse empire has expanded to include top restaurants in Monaco, Paris, and New York, a cookbook the size and heft of an encyclopedia, and a hotel and a training center for young cooks. Despite the global focus, the first restaurant to be headed by Ducasse, the Louis XV at the Hotel Paris in Monaco, remains among the world’s finest. The ornate dining room is done in the style of Versailles, with gilding, floor to ceiling mirrors and an enormous flower arrangement in the center of the room. It all sets the scene for the meal ahead. Top-quality ingredients, from the finest Breton lobsters to the milk-fed veal and farm rabbit, are showcased in stunning fashion. The only thing more stunning than the surroundings and the food are the prices; one could easily spend upwards of 500 Euros per person for a meal.

If you're not in Paris, New York, or Monaco, that doesn't mean you have to forgo the Alain Ducasse experience. Visit one of his Spoon concept restaurants in seven (and counting) locations worldwide, from Hong Kong to Tunisia. More French restaurants

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